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Jan. 15th, 2017

05:47 pm - Welcome! [sticky post]

Here is where I post links to my recent fanfic, as well as my though processes that went into writing some of the more complex stories. My thoughts are in the 'My Ramblings' sections in each post, and they contain a lot of spoilers for their specific story. If you want to avoid being spoiled for a specific story, I recommend clicking the link to get to the story, and coming back to read My Ramblings when you're done.


Jul. 19th, 2017

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Jan. 14th, 2017

03:30 pm - Captain America (Movies) - Holding Your Words In My Hand


"Captain, it was his choice. He was the one who requested the procedure."

"He had no choice!"

"He had a choice between imprisonment and the procedure. He made his decision."


After months of imprisonment and being labelled a permanent threat to society, Bucky realizes he'll have to make some permanent sacrifices if he wants his freedom.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Original Characters

My Ramblings (the how's and why's of the story):

While I was working on 'Price', the third Captain America movie came out. Or as I like to call it, the "fourth Iron Man movie". In general, I was very disappointed by the movie. It was an Iron Man movie that sometimes pretended to be an Avengers movie, with a little hint of a Captain America movie thrown in. For months, the Stucky fandom had been promised a resolution to Steve and Bucky's storyline, we were promised lots of special moments between the boys etc - basically all the stuff that was implied by calling the movie the third part of the Captain America trilogy. This movie is the first one that I bothered going to the theater to see and paid the outrageous ticket prices (I haven't seen to a movie theater in 10 years so the price inflatation floored me), and I was left extremely disappointed.

However, fandom has always existed to give us what we really want to see when TPTB decide to ignore us. And when I compiled all of the Steve/Bucky moments that we did get, my wheels started turning. We had desperately wanted to see Bucky's post-Winter Soldier recovery. While we didn't get that, we were told about a whole new wrench which could be thrown into Bucky's recovery: the trigger words. All of us had written about Bucky dealing with nightmares, PTSD, emotional issues, daily life problems etc, but nobody had predicted that the consequences Bucky's treatment at Hydra's hands would have such horrendous long-term consequences. Dealing with PTSD is one thing--having trigger words that could make you become a psychotic killer at a moment's notice is a whole other thing. After Civil War came out, many people wrote about how Bucky deals with the trigger words. In most cases, he's helped by therapy, Wanda, Tony, Wakandans or a combination. Not being a huge Marvel fan, I wanted to find a more realistic way of dealing with the trigger words. Without the use of fantasy or hand-waving science-fiction elements, how would a government respond to somebody who can be triggered by a sequence of words? Sadly, that person would probably be locked up for the rest of their lives. That's where my brainstorming for this story started. The government would lock Bucky up--probably in that prison sitting on the ocean floor--for the rest of his life. But if he truly wanted to get rid of the trigger words, how could he do that in a realistic manner? If he decided to undergo some kind of medical procedure, he might get rid of the trigger words, but there could be really bad side effects.

My first idea was having Bucky suffer irreversible brain damage as a result of electro-shock therapy which he agrees to try. He'd have moderately severe autism, and Steve would become his caretaker. I started researching autism, but the more I researched, the more I realized that this story wouldn't truly be a Steve/Bucky story. Obviously, there would be no romantic relationship between the two, and Bucky's personality would change drastically, as would his interactions with Steve. I wanted to write a Steve/Bucky story so the autism idea got pushed to the backburner. But I liked the idea of Bucky being permanently effected by the method used to remove the trigger words. I came up with the idea that Bucky could be triggered by seeing or hearing the trigger words. As a result, if he were made deafblind (through surgery), he couldn't be triggered anymore. I immediately fell in love with this idea, since it was original, would allow me to include a romantic relationship between the boys, and would offer plenty of challenges along the way. Then I realized that realistically, the government would remove Bucky's prosthetic arm, leaving him with only one arm. Tony Stark was not my favourite person in Civil War and I didn't want to include him in the story, but a non-Tony Stark prosthetic arm is barely better than not having an arm. Normal prosthetic arms do little more than provide a stick that can be used to assist the other arm. So in addition to Bucky being deafblind, he only has one arm. While I researched the story, I started realizing that being deafblind and an amputee (even in this century) is very difficult. Many technologies that have been created over the past twenty years are designed to help deaf or blind people. And most deafblind people actually have a little use of at least one of the two senses, so they could use those technologies. But for someone like Bucky who is completely deaf and completely blind, most of those things aren't useful. The simplest things require ingenuity, creativity and/or assistance from somebody else (knowing what time is, crossing a street, using a phone etc).

I had written a story before which featured a character learning to life with a permanent disability (my SGA story, Fading Skies), so I knew that I had to do A LOT of research to make it realistic. In order for people who don't have experience with deafblindness to really appreciate how difficult normal day-to-day life is when you're in that condition, it's important as a writer to be as realistic as possible and to show all aspects of daily life. Not to mention that readers who ARE familiar with the deafblind community will notice (and get annoyed) at inaccuracies. My favourite feedback from Fading Skies came from readers who are familiar with paraplegia and told me that they loved how accurate the details were. There was a lot of planning involved to make sure Bucky would progress through different steps in a logical, realistic manner.

During this planning, I started struggling with the monotonous tone that overcame the plot. Bucky had follow very specific steps to gain independence and improve his quality of life, but reading about somebody learning how to do basic things isn't actually that interesting. I had to find other elements to add to the story. Then I came across the incredible story of Diane Guerrero's childhood. She is a legal US citizen, but both her parents were illegal immigrants. They were both deported when Diane was 14 years old, and through a mix-up between ICE and CPS, nobody realized she'd been left by herself. Diane wrote a book about her experiences (In the Country We Love: My Family Divided), which I ordered and read the same evening I learned about her. I loved her story, her strength, the political statement that it made--and I realized right away that this could be the 'other element' I'd been looking for in my story. Since Steve and Bucky live in Brooklyn in an ordinary apartment building in this story, it's completely believable that they come across their 14 year old neighbor (Pia Hernandez), who's parents had been deported, leaving her behind. Steve and Bucky slowly incorporate her into their family dynamic (which also includes Natasha), and their growing relationship adds a new layer to the story. Another reason I enjoyed the thought of adding this story angle, is because I'm very aware that the Marvel fandom is very white, and very male. In my Price story, I made an effort to make as many original characters POCs as possible, especially the ones who would be fully fleshed out/essential characters to the plot, and I received some positive comments from individuals who had noticed and appreciated those efforts. This current story was suffering in the diversity department, purely because it focused so heavily on Steve, Bucky and Natasha. Including the storyline about Pia automatically made the story much more realistic.

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Jan. 8th, 2017

03:26 pm - Captain America (Movies) - Here We Mark the Price of Freedom (Part 2 of 2)

Summary: These are additional scenes from Here We Mark the Price of Freedom. It's recommended that you've read the original story before starting with these additional scenes.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Original Characters

My Ramblings (the how's and why's of the story):

Before I finished the main story arc in the 'Price' universe, I had already collected ideas for additional and missing scenes. In the past, I rarely posted WIPs because I was always concerned that I'd lose interest or wouldn't have time to maintain a regular posting schedule. Sadly, the loss of interest is why I ended up abandoning my Harry Potter 'Path' trilogy. I didn't want to risk leaving readers hanging like that again, but on the other hand, while working on a story, I get so excited to find out what other people think that it's hard to wait until the end to start posting. I reached a deal with myself that I'll only start posting a WIP when it's at least half way finished. Another problem with posting WIPs, is that you lose the opportunity add in new story arcs or change story angles.

That's where these additional and missing scenes come in. Some ideas are ones which readers have suggested, and others are scenes which would have been included in the original version if I hadn't posted it as a WIP. Instead of going back and editing it, I'm compiling the extra scenes in a separate place.

Each scene is unique in terms of where the idea for it came from, and where/when it takes place in the 'Price' universe, so you should refer to the individual scenes for background/context information.

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Mar. 16th, 2016

03:22 pm - Captain America (Movies) - Here We Mark the Price of Freedom (Part 1 of 2)


Bucky finds Steve at the Smithsonian Museum where he's been spending most of his days. Together, both soldiers work on finding their way back home.

"Sam, I don't know how to do this. I can't--I don't know what I'm doing!" Steve whispers, not wanting Bucky to hear him. He shoves the palm of the hand not holding the phone into his eyes, forcing back tears.

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanov, Sam Wilson, Original Characters

My Ramblings (the how's and why's of the story):

This story is a huge personal accomplishment because it's the first story I've written since 2010. My father passed away in 2010 and I haven't had the motivation to write anything. I'll admit: I'm not really a Marvel fan. I grew up with Archie comics and I never enjoyed the more 'action-themed' superhero based comics. The movies are fun, flashy and the action scenes and CGI are great, but honestly I find the characters are all quite similar--and the lack of diversity in Marvel annoys me. That's why I'm more amazed than anybody that my new fandom is one based on a Marvel comic book.

I was tag-surfing on AO3 (which is a very real and very authentic hobby, as anybody will tell you) and I came across a Steve/Bucky story. I had no idea who these characters were, but I loved the tags on the story so I dove in. The writing was fantastic, and the dynamics between Steve and Bucky made me start looking up information about them. Needless to say, once I learned about the boys' histories and their fantastic story arc throughout the MCU, I fell in love. Sadly, I can't remember exactly what story was the one that had pulled me in, but as people who've been in fandom for a while know: that first story is rarely the best that fandom has to offer - it's the characters, atmosphere and general feel of the universe that pulls you in.

So I did a lot of fanfic reading and watched the first and second Captain America movies. Like everybody else, I got really excited seeing the post-credits scene where Bucky went to the museum to read about himself and Steve. There have been a million stories written about Bucky's post-winter soldier recovery, but I've always loved quiet slice-of-life stories. I'm not a fan of hectic action based stories where there are characters around every corner and people are running around everywhere. I think that's leftover from my Trek days: my favourite moments were quiet ones where we could see what the crew members did in their spare time and how the day-to-day activities went. Maybe other people find that boring, but that's what I enjoyed seeing. Does anybody remember that Voyager episode which focused on three low level Ensigns going about their day? No? Just me then.

Anyway, I read countless Bucky-recovery stories, but most of them featured a lot of action and skipped over details of Bucky's recovery which I really wanted to see. Plus - most stories focused exclusively on Bucky, and didn't address Steve's depression and his own struggle. Stories either focused on Bucky's recovery, or Steve's, but rarely combined the two. The longer I searched for a story that fit my criteria (which were becoming more and more specific by the day), the more I realized that I'd probably be more satisfied if I wrote my own version. I had already come up with so many scenes and even a general plot line which I wanted to see - so when I sat down to write, it went easier than I thought.

My main focus in the story was Steve and Bucky's recoveries, and helping these two Brooklyn boys from the 40s adjust to life in the 21st century. I feel in love with Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, two Brooklyn boys, not Captain America and the Winter Soldier, so I stripped away as many Marvel elements as I could and kept the story focused on the boys. If you're looking for an action-packed, superhero story, this is definitely not what you're looking for. But if you love Steve and Bucky being Steve and Bucky, this is right up your alley.

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Jan. 24th, 2010

11:11 pm - Merlin - Grapes

Summary: In which meals are shared, battle skills are practiced and friends become something more all with the aid of cheese and grapes. Or "The one in which princes are seduced by manservants and grapes".

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
GrapesCollapse )

Apr. 22nd, 2009

10:48 pm - Merlin - Candle in a Window

Summary: Four times Arthur returned to Merlin safely, and one time he didn't.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Merlin/Arthur

Warnings: Death of a major character

Candle in a WindowCollapse )

Apr. 6th, 2009

09:29 pm - Merlin - A Smudge of Flour

Summary: Arthur starts noticing Merlin has smudges of flour on his cheek in the mornings. While trying to come up with plausible explanations, Arthur discovers he really doesn’t like some of those explanations.

Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Merlin/Arthur

A Smudge of FlourCollapse )

Aug. 14th, 2008

08:32 pm - Stargate Atlantis - Finding Home (Big Bang 2008)

Summary: When John continued staring at him blankly, Rodney thought he'd clarify. "We're going to run, John. We've got two weeks before the Daedalus gets here. Which means in a week and a half, we have to be long gone from the city."

Rating: NC-17

My Ramblings (the hows and whys of the story)

I can't believe I actually finished this challenge! From the start, I knew creating 40,000 words wouldn't be the issue....creating 40,000 words of good quality fic would be an issue. I have to say that I never fought so hard with a story as I did with this one. Never before has a story started out moving in one direction and ended up going in a completely other direction.

The whole story started out as this image I had in my head with John and Rodney living on this old, rust bucket of a ship, zooming around Pegasus and living very much the way Larrin's people do. Then I signed up for the challenge and looked for a prompt that would fit. As soon as I saw the forks in the road option for Reunion - Sam doesn't take over as head of the expedition, everything fell into place. Who better to take over and drive John and Rodney away from the city than Colonel Ellis (aka The Tool)? I fleshed out the story and started writing. After 20,000 words, I was nowhere near them getting their own ship. Then they finally had their own ship and 10,000 words later, they still weren't really going anywhere with it. I realized that the process of fixing up their rust-bucket of a ship would look much better on film as little clips, but was very boring to read about. So I scraped the idea of them finding a ship (and the 10,000 words that described it) and decided they would stay on Larrin's Lantean ship. That idea worked until Larrin started arguing (very successfully) that she was NOT going to give that ship to the Lanteans. Not only that, but they couldn't defeat the Replicators without Atlantis. Since I was meaning to destroy the city soon, that wouldn't work either. I asked the Replicators very nicely to get out of canon, but they refused. Aargh!

I realized I had hit another dead end. I still had 10,000 words I had to write and the deadline was rapidly approaching. So, I took the easy way out and had them return to Atlantis. Needless to say, this was not the story I had originally set out to write. I'm still not overly happy with it, but at least it's finished and in one piece. It's still a good story, but it isn't what I was originally going for. I did want to explore life in the Pegasus galaxy and heavily involve Larrin and her people (since I find them fascinating) in the story, so it did do that.

BUT! The best part about the whole challenge is the fact that we all got paired with fabulous artists who made art for our stories! I've never had anybody make any art for me before so I was dying of excitement. I was also dying from nervousness when I realized that beeej had gotten my story. When one of the few Picassos of our fandom decides to make art for a story that I had struggled and fought with for weeks, that would make anybody nervous.

Well, she made me a BEAUTIFUL cover that has everything I wanted on it. It was very important to me that not only John and Rodney were included in it, but that some of the other characters were also part of it, since the story wouldn't exist without them. She went above and beyond that and produced something too amazing for words! I'm so full of squee and joy that my little story has something so beautiful to go along with it!

Alright, that's enough out of me. SGA Big Bang 2008, you have been a joy and a frustration, but now the best part comes.....READING AND ART GAWKING TIME!! Enjoy!

This way to the story on the SGA Big Bang site


This way to the story on AO3


This way to the gorgeous cover...

Please leave tons of wonderful praise for all the authors and artists (especially beeej ) and the mods and webmasters. We've all put a lot of effort and time into our creations and this challenge was not an easy one.

Edit 09/25/2010: my3scape has just created the most beautiful piece of fanart for 'Finding Home'!! It's a drawing of the new Lantean dog tags which the Lanteans created for themselves at the end of the story. It's beautiful and they look exactly how I had picture them. Go here or here to view the gorgeous picture and please let my3scape know how incredible it is!

Jun. 28th, 2008

01:10 pm - Stargate Atlantis - Misunderstandings

Summary: John tends to Rodney's arm while they work through some misunderstandings they harbor after the events in 'The Eye'.

Rating: PG (McKay-Sheppard friendship, no slash)

My Ramblings (the hows and whys of the story):

My Big Bang story and I haven't been getting along well for a few days. I realized that the plot direction I was taking would work much better visually rather than in written form. After fighting with it and realizing I was starting to hate it, I scrapped 40 pages of it.

To make myself feel better, I rewatched 'The Storm' and 'The Eye' and I was hit with the urge to write an episode tag for them. Yes, everybody and their dog has written a tag dealing with the fact that Rodney covered his JACKET with gauze, but I felt the need to write my own.

Hopefully my Big Bang story and I can now be reunited and continue towards our common goal: Finishing and not turning into garbage.

Don't know if anybody still cares about Season 1 tags, but writing this was a nice change of pace. Enjoy!

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